With new technology coming out everyday it is impossible to tell you exactly which computer to buy, but I can make a suggestion. APPLE COMPUTERS are hands down the best. They have the fastest speeds, the most memory, and cost the least. Oh and there just plain cool.

Computers are very important for making music. You can mix music at home if you have a pc. But you just need a good configuration. There are lots of brands available that will provide you good PCs, both laptop and desktop at low prices. Brands that give good quality desktop are Apple iMac Desktop Computer with Intel Core, Apple Macpro recording package, etc. Laptops brands are, Apple MacBook Notebook computer with Intel Core, Rain Recording Live book L4 Laptop Audio Computer etc.

If you Google best best studio monitors for music professionals, you will always notice that a lot of website are talking about m-audio BX5a. But are they that good? I'm not sure. Well, I am. But what I wouldn't do is buying them as the best monitors on the market. To translate the sound that they emit you must be very good behind the console. The sound is not that pure and honest as they should be especially if you are a beginner. I love their design, but not their sound.

One of the most important pieces of equipment in your studio is monitors. Monitors are so important because they let you hear your music the way you recorded it. If you listen to your recorded songs on any regular speaker, you won't hear how it really sounds. That is because regular speakers are made to make your music sound good no matter what.

Many aspiring artist have come in to my studio with a CD demo of beats burned on their home computer and they almost always ask one of these questions; "Why does my demo sound so muddy and cluttered" or "Why doesn't it sound like a store bought CD"?

Now with pre-made drum loops and samples it is just a matter of inserting it where you want it and the recording software will line them up so it sounds perfect. Soon D.J. equipment will have MIDI.

This is a skill that only a few people in the recording industry have. But thanks to the power of the computer you can achieve the same level of a final master as the big boys. So get your D.J. equipment out, drop a track and start mastering.